Plus belle la vie: behind the scenes (bitter) farewell to the series

After eighteen years of existence, the soap opera bows out on November 18, 2022 with an evening thought of as a party, but experienced by all more sadly… We were on the set in Marseille.

On September 8, 2022, at the Belle de Mai studio in Marseille, an anthill is activated. At HMC (dressing, makeup, hair), Mirta (Sylvie Flepp), White (Cecilia Hornus), Is she (Elodie Varlet), Barbara (Lea Francois), Abdul (Marwan Berreni), Francesco (Emanuele Giorgi) and Luna (Anne Decis), among others, are preparing for their scene of the day. One of the last of Seven Weddings and a Funeral, the first event – the 29th – which closes the story of More beautiful life: the mayor announces to the fourteen future spouses that he is going to marry them all on the same day at the Palais du Pharo, then proposes a party on the place du Mistral where all the guests will meet.


This flash mob signs in the form of a happy ending the last shot of this unique adventure in France after eighteen years of continuous presence on the antenna of France 3. PBLV stops, in fact, definitively on France 3 on November 18, 2022. In this more than special episode, many are the actors who, even after leaving the series, iron a head like doctor Guillaume Leserman (Virgil Bayle), Jawad (David Baiot) or François Marci (Thierry Ragueneau) in particular – only missing Laetitia Milot (Mélanie) who would not have been contacted by the production. Some exes come to disturb the hearts of the protagonists who have planned their weddings with others…

It’s a long page that turns as the characters of this series have entered the hearts of viewers. In total: more than 4,500 episodes were broadcast, all concocted by an estimated total of 4,000 actors, directors, technicians, not to mention the enthusiasm for Marseilles that the series aroused. Admittedly, since the shocking announcement in the press of the end of the series on February 17, the actors, authors, directors and technicians have digested the news a little, but the disarray remains strong for everyone. Not a day goes by without a last scene of an actor or a technician being shot. Each time, tears flow… The family More beautiful life saw this separation as a heartbreak.

Trainees have become directors, love stories have been forged between certain actors such as Cecilia Hornus and Thierry Ragueneau or Cecile Mazeas and Emanuele Giorgi. “The most beautiful gift of life”, confides the latter to us. Alas, the audiences were no longer flamboyant enough.


The Marseille saga only has 2.2 million followers. Far from the 6 million addicts reached between 2007 and 2008. The fault of less well-crafted scenarios, the gradual loss of what made the salt of More beautiful life ? Understand storylines that knew how to stick to the news and reflect societal issues like no other at the time. The series was the first to film a gay wedding; over her almost two decades, she has tackled domestic violence, the wearing of the veil, school harassment, the legalization of cannabis, the transgender question… The creation by Newen, who produces the adventures of the Mistralians, of two other successful soap operas for TF1 (Tomorrow belongs to us and Here it all begins) also weighed in the balance.


“Editorially, after having imagined 3,256 roles since 2004, fomented the craziest stories and referred 347 characters to the Baumettes prison, I believe that we had reached the end of what it was possible to invent”, justifies Anne Holmes, director of programs at France Télévisions and ex-director of fiction for fifteen years. After many assassinations, kidnappings, improbable romances, passions, breakups, suicides, unexplained deaths, traps and betrayals of all kinds, this finale offers us a memorable celebration around seven weddings. Nothing more beautiful in life!


As we close, we don’t know! In partnership with the town hall of Marseille, will the decorations of the place du Mistral, the bar of Roland, the Marci or the apartments of the heroes be visited? For now, furniture, accessories, clothes have been delivered to tomorrow belongs to us and Here it all starts. A sale of clothing and miscellaneous items also took place for the teams.

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