Plus belle la vie: seven weddings, a funeral… how does the soap opera end?

This Friday, November 18, More beautiful life definitely bows out after an exceptional evening on France 3. The public channel is setting up an exceptional system that Télé Star invites you to discover.

The fans of More beautiful life are already preparing the handkerchiefs. This Friday, November 18, the curtain of the Mistral in Marseille will definitely drop. After more than 4,500 episodes and 18 years on the small screen, the cult soap opera of France 3 will say goodbye. And to celebrate this important day as it should, the channel is organizing a big evening on its antenna. Everything will start at 8:15 p.m. with the broadcast of two new episodes of More beautiful life.

Then, at 9:10 p.m., France 3 will offer a special episode of an exceptional duration of 90 minutesentitled “Seven weddings for a funeral”. And in a press release released by the channel, we already know some details of the plot of this episode: “Roland’s recent death is on everyone’s mind and the whole Mistral is in mourning. To honor his memory and revive the soul of the district, his youngest son, Kilian, proposes to Betty in marriage and decides to organize a big party on the Place du Mistral. His idea and his happiness spread. Quickly a wave of marriages is announced. It is no longer one but seven weddings that will be celebrated on the Place du Mistral! But before getting there, the future wives and husbands will experience many adventures, like Barbara who will try to recover her first love when he is about to marry his new girlfriend… Francesco, the fiancé d’Estelle, who will be placed in police custody, right when Djawad resurfaces; or even Luna, who will see her commitment to Bastien called into question when Guillaume, her ex, is admitted to the hospital… The adventures of the bride and groom will not be easy, but all the heroines and all the heroes of the Mistral will succeed, with much love and their legendary sense of solidarity, to make these seven weddings and this November 18 an unforgettable day and event”can we read.

A new documentary broadcast at the end of the evening

To conclude this great evening, France 3 will broadcast after the end of the episode, around 10:45 p.m., a documentary of almost an hour unpublished titled “The great adventure Plus belle la vie“. In it, we will find the emblematic actors of the series who will confide in the impact that the soap opera has had on their lives and will also return to the cult sequences of the program. Fans will thus be able to hear Fabienne KaratCécilia Hornus, Rebecca Hampton, Aurélie Vaneck, Léa François and Stéphane Henon.

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