Plus belle la vie: this new inconsistency that annoys fans of the series

Some fans of Plus belle la vie are very attentive. As proof, this tweet written by one of them which reveals an inconsistency during an episode broadcast recently.

It is a very sad discovery. A few days ago Luna, played by Anne Décis, contacted the town hall to have an order for gravel delivered. But no one can bring it to him. It is then Lucien who fetches the gravel with his backhoe. On the spot, Bastien then makes a macabre discovery: the body of Alice Ruiz is hidden under the gravel. A scene that made some viewers shudder. But a small detail has bothered some.

Indeed, after the broadcast of this scene, a user noticed a false connection : “Have you noticed this (new) connection error? Alice Ruiz’s shoe found in the gravel by Luna and Bastien is not the same as those she was wearing when she was killed! Lack of rigor a once again”lamented this very attentive viewers. In response, some Internet users did not hesitate to defend the series, which, let’s remember, will end this year.. And for the finale, it looks like one of the series’ iconic characters is going to die.

Will Roland Marci die for the end of Plus belle la vie?

Indeed, Roland Marci could well end in a tragic way More beautiful life. On Twitter, a PBLV fan account shared a meaningful shot: we can see the black and white portrait of Roland Marci. A photo as a tribute. In the caption, it is written: “Towards the death of Roland Marci? For several days, the Marci clan (dressed in black suits, dark outfits) has been filming its latest plot and in particular sequences rich in emotions. On this attached screenshot, we notice a photo of Roland at the Mistral… take your bets!”. A rather sad end for Roland Marci. But in the end, which actor is delighted with the end of More beautiful life ?

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