Podcast Oog: why is Joop demonstrating against abortion?


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In Utrecht, anti-abortion activist Joop van Ooijen had to be at least 100 meters from an abortion clinic. He thought that was going too far and went to court. In this episode of Het Beste uit het Oog, he explains why he argues at clinics.

What has two years without tourists done for Easter Island? Jan Boersema, environmental and natural scientist at Leiden University, has written several books about Easter Island and talks about it in the Eye.

Patients who have had cancer may lose their taste due to chemotherapy. That’s bad news, because food is important to regain your strength. Lobke Van den Wijngaert is involved in a new taste study at the Catharina Cancer Institute in Eindhoven.

And this week kicked off the pop festival organized by British-Kosovar singer Dua Lipa in the Kosovar capital Pristina. Stefan van Dijk has lived in Kosovo for ten years and works there for an IT company. He already looked ahead to the special festival.

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