Poliana Rocha posts photo at the gym and big bowl impresses

the influencer Poliana Rochawife of singer Leonardo, left her Instagram followers shocked by updating her page with a powerful record at the academy. The cat, who is 45 years old, wasted her body and gained several likes.

In the click, the mother of countryman Zé Felipe showed that she has been working hard to keep in great physical shape and appeared with a stylish fitness outfit while doing a exercise to flatten the abdomen.

Where there is struggle, there is victory ✨!!! In every way believe it!!!!“, wrote the journalist, who completed with the hashtag “no filter” for her more than 6 million followers.

“Poli how many years have you been lifting weights your body is beautiful 😍 you look like virginia’s twin sister“, said a follower, comparing the blonde with her daughter-in-law, Virginia Fonseca. “very disciplined“, praised an admirer who follows everything from the famous. “You don’t even need a filter”, guaranteed another one.

Talked about Leonardo’s betrayals

After experiencing ups and downs in her relationship with Leonardo over the years, Poliana Rocha finally decided to vent to her followers on the subject. The famous said that she has already discovered some betrayals of her husband and that the situation has generated moments of crisis in the marriage.

By sharing a family record on her Instagram, Poliana opened her heart and recalled the feeling she had at the time of the photo. According to the blonde, her son Zé Felipe helped her a lot, even without knowing anything.

“I was in a very difficult phase of my marriage. And Zé hugged his father and hugged me and ended up dismantling me, without knowing anything, in his child’s purity. It came out on several sites and I was super grateful for the affection of people, but there are many mean comments calling me a horned, cuckold, that I was with him for money! But, in fact, they are judgments of mere people who don’t even know my life story, of overcoming. Yes, I was betrayed, very open, I allowed myself to forgive, I got over it and built a beautiful family”, she pointed out.

Always in the spotlight in the media because of their relationship, Poliana recently revolted after new rumors of Leonardo’s betrayal emerged. The influencer did not hide her revolt and released the verb.

“Guys, I’m very sad because so much is coming out talking about me and Léo, so much fake news. And then this has such a bad repercussion, because it gets to my mother’s ear, poor thing, she keeps crying, believing it, until I prove to her that all this is a lie. Ah, I could put a stop to these things, right? Something that is bad for us, we cannot carry on. And another thing: news that is not true, there is no reliable source, it is very boring, it even demoralizes my profession”, she said.

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