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The chain of events that caused several people to die in a violent, unacceptable and shameful manner, at the hands of Police officers, has given rise to the Government devoting itself definitively and urgently to the long-awaited police reform as the main axis of combat to crime and insecurity.

It is not the first time that since a violent incident occurs in which a person loses his life due to the intervention of a police officer, the reform process to which the institution of order is subjected is immediately recalled and the Government announces a series of measures, and then everything will be forgotten until it happens again.

Yesterday, Thursday, the Government, represented by the Commissioner for Police Reform, José Vila del Castillo, and in the company of the Minister of the Interior and Police, Jesús Vásquez Martínez, ordered a series of measures to guarantee the physical integrity and human rights of people arrested by police officers.

There are 14 measures announced by the Police Reform Commissioner, José Vila del Castillo. In the first of these measures, the immediate installation of cameras is ordered in all detachments, in patrols, and body cameras for all agents.

A real-time monitoring center will also be created, connected to all the cameras installed in detachments, agents and vehicles, with the support of fixed 911 cameras, in the Ministry of the Interior and Police.

The Police Criminological Consultation System will be implemented in the patrol telephones so that citizens who are required by the authority can be purged in any circumstance.

The Department of Internal Affairs of the Police will be under the direct supervision of the Interior and the Police, in order to guarantee that the investigation is rapid and rigorous in cases where police faults, excesses or bad procedure are reported.

Integrity tests of all agents will begin immediately, starting with senior police officers, and mandatory action guides (protocols) will also be implemented, based on decentralized responsibility.

Complementary training courses for all agents in crisis management, human rights, and police action in the use of force and exercise of authority will begin to be taught simultaneously with the announced changes.

There will be a coordination with the Ministry of Health to have a special program where the health conditions of temporary prisoners can be evaluated.

The institution’s communications or public relations department will operate in coordination with the Presidency’s Communications Office, which will implement the new information guidelines that prevent wrong or false versions of news from being given.

not spoken
Within the measures announced by the Government for police reform in the immediate term, nothing is said about what will be done with the police officers who work for private companies and individuals during service hours. Nor is anything said about the agents charged to individuals, without any function.

Nothing is said about the police detachments that operate without their own electricity, that do not have computers, or any system to receive complaints, either by telephone or in person.

Police reform now or never 2


Three people have died in recent weeks, in the strangest circumstances, after being detained or in police custody, and being transferred to health centers.

The last of these cases was that of David de los Santos, arrested on the 27th after having had an argument with a woman in the Ágora Mall shopping plaza, arrested by the security of the plaza, handed over to the Police and transferred to the detachment of the widen Naco. He later died in a health center from the blows he received.

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