Predisposition to Alzheimer's: "Thor"star Chris Hemsworth is taking a break

During the filming of his new series received Marvel Star Chris Hemsworth a worrying diagnosis. For the new National Geographic documentary series “Without Limits”. Disney+ he explores the question of how to tap the full potential of the human body and delay inevitable aging for as long as possible.

And they did some tests on him and one showed that the Hollywood beau was predisposed to Alzheimer’s. It carries two copies of the APOE4 gene, inherited from both parents.

“Yeah, they took my blood and they did a bunch of tests. The plan was to show me all the results on camera and talk about how to improve this and that. And Peter Attiawho is this episode’s longevity doctor and has overseen much of the series, director called Darren Aronofsky and said, ‘I don’t want to tell him that on camera. We need to have a one on one conversation and find out if he even wants that on the show.’ It was pretty shocking…” Hemsworth told Vanity Fair.

Even Hemsworth’s grandfather suffers from Alzheimer’s. “I haven’t seen him for a few years but my other family members have seen him and there are days when he’s very happy and he gives you a hug. But my mum told me he’s just a very kind guy. I I’m not sure if he remembers much…”

The actor decided to keep his diagnosis a part of the series.

“If that’s a motivation for people to take better care of themselves and also to understand that there are steps you can take, then that’s fantastic.’ My concern was that I didn’t want to manipulate it and over-dramatize it and make it some kind of crazy attempt at sympathy or whatever entertainment.”

But now he wants to take a break and spend more time with his family.

“Since we finished the series, I’ve taken care of the things I’ve already signed up for. When I wrap up the press tour this week, I’ll go home and take quite a while off to just unwind. At be with the children, with my wife.”

But that’s not a complete retreat from Hollywood.

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