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President will inaugurate exhibition in Puerto Plata: «1961: the year of freedom»

President will inaugurate exhibition in Puerto Plata: «1961: the year of freedom»

President Luis Abinader will travel next Saturday to the city of Puerto Plata. There he will inaugurate the exhibition “1961: the year of freedom”at the Trade Club.

The event will take place in Parque Independencia, in front of the venue where the exhibition will be installed. The president will be accompanied by the Minister of Culture, Milagros Germán. She is the president of the commission in charge of the commemorative acts of the execution of the dictator, instituted by Decree 335-21.

Photos of criminals from the Trujillo regime, belonging to the Military Intelligence Services (SIM)

Through said decree, May 30 is also declared as Freedom Day. This, in homage to the national resistance and to the victims of murders, disappearances, torture, abuses and excesses committed against the patrimony of the Dominican State in the 31 years of the dictatorship of Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina.

Will open the exhibition: data

“1961: the year of freedom” is a traveling exhibition. It deals with the 31 years of dictatorship and the events after the tyrannicide, events in which the people expressed their desire for freedom and justice in the streets.

The exhibition, which will be open to the public until November, exhibits photos, documents and stories from an intense period that marked the beginning of the democratic transition. It has an educational platform to help visitors understand the unfinished task towards the social, democratic and legal State.

Abinader, with his back to the lens, listening to the explanations of the curator Juan Miguel Pérez

This exhibition is part of the educational project “1961: the year of freedom”. This is a national campaign of the Presidency of the Republic. It promotes a reflection on democracy, from the knowledge of yesterday’s authoritarianism and the identification of practices that still survive in our political culture.

This exhibition could be visited last year at the Center of the Heroes of Santo Domingo, and, later, at the City College of the city of New York.

a province of fiery heritage

The Puerto Plata exhibition emphasizes the important role played by the province during the years of the dictatorship, and later, in 1961, when Trujillo had already been executed and his family and Joaquín Balaguer still remained in control of the country. .

Puerto Plata has been considered a bastion of anti-Trujillism since the beginning of the dictatorship. There, an internal front was organized to support the armed expedition that arrived in 1949 through the Luperón Bay. It had the purpose of overthrowing the dictatorship. The province was also the scene of the Maimón and Estero Hondo landings in 1959, for the same purposes.

The exhibition will be presented to the public in English and Spanish, in consideration of the flow of tourists that visit downtown Puerto Plata every week.

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