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The 2022 Press Trophy will be this Wednesday, June 15th, on SBT’s screens and you can follow everything after the exhibition of Poliana Moça. The winners of each category are awarded for their work during the year 2021. The Internet Trophy champions will also be awarded, which were decided in an online vote.

What time does the 2022 Press Trophy start today?

The 2022 Press Trophy will start at 9:30 pm and will be on air until 11:45 pm, according to the official schedule of SBT, available for consultation on the broadcaster’s website. The award will be shown on Silvio Santos’ broadcaster and therefore can be watched on any television set with access to Brazilian open channels, or the “live” tab of SBT Vídeos on the internet, completely free of charge.

The delivery of the statuettes of the Press Trophy works as follows. In each category, the three nominees were chosen by the public in a vote on the SBT website. This trio is then presented in alphabetical order to the judging panel, who decide who among them deserves the victory.

The Internet Trophy is a little different. In this part of the awards there is no interference from the public. The winners announced on stage were fully chosen by the public in an online vote prior to the day of the event.

Who are the 2022 Press Trophy judges?

In total, 11 journalists from some of the main communication vehicles in the country were selected to be part of the panel of judges for the 2022 Press Trophy.

They are: Léo Dias, columnist for Metrópoles; Made from UOL; Flávio Ricco from the R7 portal; the presenter Sonia Abrão; F5 columnist for Folha de São Paulo Cristina Padiglione; TV Gazeta presenter Leão Lobo; Valença Sotero from Caras magazine; Márcia Piovesan from Ti Ti Ti magazine; columnist Tony Góes of Folha de São Paulo; Keila Jimenez from R7 and Nelson Rubens, presenter of TV Fama.

Silvio Santos with some of the 2022 Press Trophy judges. In order from left to right, Tony Goes, Leão Lobo, Silvio Santos, Nelson Rubens, Fefito and Leo Dias – Photo: Reproduction/Lourival Ribeiro/SBT

2022 nominees

The three most voted among the audience on the channel’s website and who won the spot of nominated finalists in each category are revealed during the 2022 Press Trophy. But for those who are anxious and already want to get ahead, you can check out which categories were selected this year:

Best singer

Best singer

best novel

best soap opera actor

Best actress

best comedy show

best auditorium show

best tv show

Best TV presenter

best TV newspaper

best talk show

Best journalistic program

Best TV presenter or animator

One of the judges of the edition, journalist Tony Goes, has already provided some details about the award. In his column in Folha, the carioca revealed that in most of the categories, the winner of the Internet Trophy and the 2022 Press Trophy coincided. That is, part of the judges’ favorites were also the favorites of the home audience.

Not all judges voted in all categories. Goes said that of the 11, only five or six had a chance to vote at a time. In total, there were 14 categories.

Due to the pandemic, the Press Trophy did not take place in 2020 and 2021, see how the last awards were, in 2019:

When did the Press Trophy start?

The Press Trophy began in 1958. It was created by journalist Plácido Manaia Nunes, who met with professional colleagues from the main vehicles in São Paulo. After a vote, the winners were announced through periodicals. At the time, the statuette that is now given to the winners did not yet exist.

After more than a decade of awards, in 1970, Plácido Manaia Nunes ceded the rights of the Press Trophy to Silvio Santos, who gave a new format to the award, now shown on TV, and also instituted the award that resembles the format of the statuette. of the Oscars.

Creator of the award, Plácido Manaia Nunes, died in 2007, at the age of 73. The Press Trophy has existed for 64 years and has been exhibited by SBT for over 5 decades.

Silvio Santos
First Press Trophy shown on television – Photo: Reproduction/SBT

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