Preview Songfestival: naturelle S10 tonight between rockers and fun letters

Intense and serious is the ballad ‘De Diepte’ by the ‘darling of Dutch alto pop’, S10. The ‘oo and aaa’ chorus: catchy. Tonight, S10 (Stien den Hollander) will sing her personal ‘De Diepte’ – a love letter to her young self, plagued by mental unrest in the first semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin. She is eighth. The sober performance of the 21-year-old comes after a busy row of retro disco from Slovenia with a large disco ball, combative folk rap from Ukraine in colorful motifs and Bulgarians hard rocking between flames. S10, now in ninth place in the polls, is estimated by the bookmakers for a place in the final.

The 66th Eurovision Song Contest kicks off tonight in the PalaOlimpico stadium in Turin, with the second semi-final on Thursday. Seventeen countries will perform in the first semifinal, including the Netherlands and top favorite Ukraine. Ten acts qualify for the final on Saturday. The singers Laura Pausini and Mika, and TV presenter Alessandro Cattelan chat in the evenings.

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Women, own language and rock

The trends this year? Women’s bands, such as Denmark, Iceland. Singing in their own language (a direct result of the profit of the Italian rock band Måneskin) and ‘small’ acts without fuss. Take the tragic love ballad of the Greek Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord or the George Ezra-sounding Swiss Marius Bear. Remains: the rarities. Moldova sends folkloric fun letters tonight and Norway has a silly, inscrutable dance act with wolf masks.

Monday were the two big dress rehearsals of the European song festival brought to Italy by last year’s winning rock band Måneskin. The second dress rehearsal is the jury show – this is what the country juries base their 50 percent points on. Just like last year in Rotterdam, the organization is committed to a corona-free edition, the public is in the hall with mouth caps.

Natural appearance

During the walk through, singer S10, with her blond hair long back and a natural appearance in a black, sharp-cut Viktor & Rolf dress suit, initially made a somewhat hesitant and vulnerable impression. When the song broke open came a cautious laugh and she clearly found it more comfortable on her pedestal. She previously indicated that she wanted to sing “to the viewer.” Tension and drama are built up at S10 with light work. As the music goes from monotonous minor to fuller hits, the singer is framed with a wreath of rays of light.

The Ukrainian act, the Kalush Orchestra with rapper Oleh Psiuk, was welcomed with cheers at the jury show. The song ‘Stefania’ has been a top favorite with the bookmakers for weeks. From an initial tribute to rapper Psiuk’s mother, it’s now a anthem of a country at war. The mother figure symbolizes growth and strength. It is expected that in Europe at the televoters at home, sympathy votes will rain.

The bearded, fluently singing TikTok star Sam Ryder, who performs for Great Britain with an Elton John-esque pop song, and the two-part pop duet by Italian duo Mahmood & Blanco are also in the top 3. Russia is excluded from participation. “The presence of a Russian act at the Eurovision Song Contest could discredit the event,” the European Broadcasting Union said.

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