Prince Charles traveling to Kigali after criticizing Rwanda plan

British Prince Charles traveled to the East African country after criticizing his government’s controversial asylum agreement with Rwanda. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government wants to prevent people from illegally entering the English Channel in small boats by denying them access to an asylum procedure in Great Britain. Instead, the migrants are to be sent to Rwanda and apply for asylum there. A return is not planned.

Charles: Rwanda trip with Camilla

A report of Times According to the heir to the throne, this procedure was described as “appalling” in a private conversation. During his trip to Rwanda, Charles was accompanied by his wife, Duchess Camilla. He is representing his mother at the Commonwealth Summit Queen Elizabeth II On Wednesday, the couple visited a memorial to the 1994 genocide in the capital, Kigali, and exchanged views with survivors and families of the victims. At that time, hundreds of thousands of members of the so-called Tutsi minority were brutally murdered.

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