Prince William celebrates 40s: Birthday photos break with royal tradition

No big party, no chic portrait of the future king: for his 40th birthday, the British are Prince William emphasizes modesty and presents himself to the public as a go-getter without fear of contact. Kensington Palace on Tuesday released three photos of the Duke of Cambridge, as William’s official name is, in a red vest and cap selling the homeless newspaper Big Issue on the streets of London.

Prince William is down to earth on his birthday

The king-to-be has announced that he wants to pay more attention to the fight against homelessness. His birthday is “a good opportunity” for this. The subject was also important to his mother, Princess Diana, who died in 1997.

The photos, in which William shows himself in an unusual work uniform instead of in a suit, stand in clear contrast to photos that other royals have already published for their milestone birthdays. Even William’s wife, Duchess Kate, who turned 40 last year, had a series of portraits made in various evening dresses for the occasion.

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