Prince William turns 40: affair rumors & scandals about the supposed clean man

As Elizabeth II has reduced her public appearances in recent years for reasons of age, the royal commitments of William and his wife Kate have increased. Both appear relaxed and natural – especially by royal standards – and thus gain a lot of sympathy. Both are committed to environmental and nature conservation issues as well as projects to promote mental health. You are the modern face of the monarchy.

The downsides of Clean William

But as well as Prince William may market himself. Even the royal clean man is not perfect. It is repeatedly reported that Prince Harry’s older brother can sometimes be extremely short-tempered behind the scenes.

The number two in line to the British throne rarely gives interviews. But he is not afraid to speak his mind openly. He reacted sharply when his brother Prince Harry and his wife Meghan accused the royal family of racism in a spectacular television interview. “If there’s one thing we’re not, it’s a racist family,” William told reporters.

The relationship between the two brothers has been clouded since then – which has repeatedly made headlines in recent years. At her grandfather’s funeral Prince Philip in the past year they kept their distance most of the time, only on the initiative of William’s wife Kate they exchanged a few words with each other while walking. And recently at the celebrations for her grandmother’s 70th anniversary of the throne, the relationship seemed cold. Whether or not Harry will be among the well-wishers on William’s 40th birthday remains to be seen.

But it’s not just his publicly demonstrated disagreements with Harry that keep the tabloids busy. Prince William looks back on some events in his life that he would probably prefer not to be mentioned by royal biographers.

Not perfect either: The biggest scandals surrounding Prince William

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