Princess Charlotte is on her way to the traditional Easter service with mum Kate, brother George and dad William.  (Photo)

Prince William can still celebrate his 40th birthday on June 21, 2022 with his family – but the Duke of Cambridge already has all the necessary aces up his sleeve to shine as King of England on the throne.

On June 21, 2022, Prince William will be allowed to blow out 40 candles on his birthday cake – Kate Middleton’s husband will undoubtedly be spoiled by Duchess Kate and his three children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis on his day of honor. Prince William has plenty of reasons to sit back and relax: in Duchess Kate, he has a wife at his side who will support him warmly and reliably in the performance of royal duties. The only thing missing is a “promotion” within the royal family to honor Prince Charles’ eldest son on the day of honor.

Prince William as future king: THAT makes Kate Middleton’s husband a model monarch

One day Prince William Arthur Philip Louis, as the royal is called by his full name, will inevitably be promoted, because the Duke of Cambridge is currently second in line to the British throne behind his father Prince Charles. It may be a few years before Prince William himself sits on the throne as king, but Kate Middleton’s husband can look forward to the memorable day without sorrow. The royal birthday child already has important character traits that will one day make him a brilliant monarch.

Prince William is better suited to be king than Prince Harry – that’s why

In Prince William’s favour, the first thing to mention is his royal education – after all, Prince William learned from the longest-serving queen of all time. His grandmother’s reign, which has now lasted seven decades Queen Elizabeth II has known Prince William since childhood and was certainly able to learn a trick or two from his grandmother. In addition, the firstborn of Princess Diana and Prince Charles benefits from his rather shy nature. In contrast to his brother Prince Harry, who was notorious for being a hothead, Prince William has been the calm, level-headed one since childhood, in whom Royals fans have countless times recognized the shy character of his late mother Princess Diana. As a future monarch, Prince William should do well to take decisions calmly and deliberately and, like his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, not let impulses guide him.

Prince William as a family man: That’s why the Royals fans are at his feet

Prince William also resembles his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II in terms of family spirit. Away from royal duties, the Duke of Cambridge is completely absorbed in his role as a family man and willingly lets his future subjects participate in his private life – be it theirs Despair over homeschooling obligations in the corona pandemic or very specific preferences of his little daughter, Prince William has long since internalized that Royals fans occasionally want to take a look behind the palace walls and that the royal family must not completely isolate itself in order not to lose the support of their supporters. How good that Prince William’s wife Kate Middleton is a passionate photographer and always captures golden moments from family life for the Royals’ own Instagram channel.

Like Princess Diana once did: Prince William is sincere and compassionate

Prince William also inherited a talent from his mother, Princess Diana, that cannot be learned with much practice: the Duke of Cambridge treats everyone, whether old or young, rich or poor, with warmth and sincere interest. In addition, Prince William seems to feel comfortable in almost every situation, be it a glittering gala dinner, a state reception, an award ceremony or a Visit the pub around the corner for a cider. Even when visiting old people’s homes or schools, everyone present feels: this young man not only ticks off appointments, he takes an interest in the fate of his conversation partners. His mother’s inheritance Lady Tue is unmistakable, as the Princess of Wales took her son to homeless shelters when he was a child to make it clear to him that not everyone grew up as a privileged prince in the palace.

splendour? Doesn’t exist with Prince William and Kate Middleton

For Prince William, there are plus points in the favor of the people for his lifestyle: the future king, like his wife Kate Middleton, never attracts attention with ostentation and luxury, but leads an almost modest life. Spontaneous pleasure trips around the globe? Expensive renovation work? If you look at Prince William – in contrast to his brother Prince Harry and his wife Megan Markle – in vain. So it’s hardly surprising that some people would rather have Prince William on the British throne today than tomorrow…

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