A kiss for the prince: the world rarely sees public tenderness between Princess Charlène and Albert II of Monaco.

A change of location seems to have helped the happiness of love: During a visit to Norway, Princess Charlène of Monaco and her husband Prince Albert II showed up coordinating and in love as they had not for a long time.

It was an appearance of rarity that Princess Charlène of Monaco and her husband Prince Albert II. laid down on Wednesday: The head of the Grimaldis had traveled from Monaco to Norway with his wife and the twins Jacques and Gabriella to pay a visit to the Norwegian royal family. Crown Prince Haakon of Norway greeted the Monegasque guests before the royal family dined with the Norwegian royals in the palace.

Princess Charlene of Monaco traveling: Norway flying visit with husband Albert and the children

On the occasion of their trip to Scandinavia, Prince Albert and Princess Charlène also had the honor of opening the “Sailing The Sea Of Science” exhibition in the Framm Museum Oslo to open. For the Monaco prince, seafaring in the name of science is an affair of the heart: Albert of Monaco has been campaigning for the protection of the North and South Poles for years and, after his own trip to the North Pole at Easter 2006, also visited the South Pole three years later.

Uninhibited kissing in public! Princess Charlène and Prince Albert more intimately than ever

However, the rare joint appearance by Princess Charlène and Prince Albert attracted significantly more attention than the maritime exhibition in Oslo. The princely couple, who were otherwise rather reserved, apparently could not resist the exchange of tenderness and kissed deeply while the assembled press photographers captured the intimate moment. Undoubtedly a moment that Royals fans never see – especially not in the recent past, which was marked by bitter rumors of separation about Albert and Charlène.

Princess Charlene of Monaco returns to the limelight after a forced break of months

For Princess Charlène, the trip to Oslo was one of a few public appearances after her extended – albeit involuntary – retreat and the first official trip abroad in a long time. In May 2021, the Princess of Monaco traveled to her native South Africa to campaign against poaching, however, fell ill with a protracted upper respiratory tract infection, which made it impossible for the Princess to return to Monaco for several months. During the forced separation of husband Albert and their twins Jacques and Gabriella, rumors spread that the Monegasque royal couple was about to separate.

The whispering didn’t stop either, when Princess Charlène returned to Monaco in November 2021, only to retire to a private clinic outside of Monaco immediately afterwards due to general exhaustion. It wasn’t until March 2022 that Charlène was reunited with her family in Monaco. Most recently, the Monegasque princess had to cope with a coronavirus infection – but now Princess Charlène seems to be in full possession of her strength again and to be in love with both ears.

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