Lady in red: Duchess Catherine scored points on her trip to Canada in autumn 2016 with an appearance in a bright red coat.  With this look, the Duchess is in direct competition with the traditionally red-robed Canadian Mounties.  (Photo)

There is no such thing as boredom with the Royals: again this week, the emotions drove a roller coaster when the blue-blooded were left sitting and erased, freaked out completely or beamed enchantedly, as the Royals-News revealed.

Temperatures may currently be slipping into the chilly sub-zero zone, but in the royals-News, headlines from the aristocratic world reached boiling point. It’s a well-known fact that you won’t find boredom in royalty, but this week headlines were particularly wild. Would you like a taste?

Naked facts about the royals! This revelation in the jungle camp came unexpectedly

For example, Mike Tindall, who is known to be married to King Charles’ niece Zara, caused some jaws to drop among the British royals. The former rugby pro recently caused a stir in the aristocratic world, but he packed his bags and jetted to the other end of the world to take part in the British edition of the jungle camp in Australia. Mike Tindall hasn’t just left there since he moved in one or the other royal revelation burstbut also amazed the TV audience with extremely bare facts, as can be read here.

Big disappointment at Christmas: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle make a decision

Does Mike Tindall have to fear consequences from the royal family for his TV adventure? Perhaps King Charles III. yes vote mildly when his nephew-in-law comes home with the jungle crown … Until then, the monarch still has a few days to think about which relatives he would like to spend the Christmas holidays with. Charles III’s royal guest list has already been significantly shortened – Charles’ younger son Prince Harry and his wife Megan Markle took the decision for the king himself. Allegedly, the Sussexes don’t feel like celebrating their Christmas with the British royals!

King Charles III takes action and erases unwanted relatives

King Charles III meanwhile, has his own ways of showing his favors to certain relatives. Princess Anne and Prince Andrewthe king’s siblings, had good laughs at this, but for Prince Andrew and Prince Harry there was a real damper. However, the Duke of Sussex made headlines not only because of his erasure at court, but also because of a surprising solo appearance. Where and why Prince Harry was suddenly traveling without his wife Meghan Markle will be revealed here.

Princess Kate is suddenly abandoned – but the king’s wife Camilla is on cloud nine

According to the Royals-News, there was also another member of the British royal family alone – we are talking about Kate, the Princess of Wales. King Charles III’s daughter-in-law. had to let go of a cherished confidante these days – at least in a certain function. It was much happier for Kate’s mother-in-law Camilla: The king’s wife was allowed to get very close to a real “Sex and the City” star and consequently beamed like a honey cake horse. The photographic proof is here!And even the little royals were out of control: Princess Kate’s eldest son Prince George, for example, was over the moon about one thing, as has now come to light.

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