Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden arrived at the 2008 Nobel Prize ceremony in a stunning pink gown created by designer Pär Engsheden.  (Photo)

Princess Madeleine of Sweden turned her back on her home country years ago – now Crown Princess Victoria’s sister indicated a profound change. Has the separation been decided long ago?

One would like to see these pictures more often in Sweden: Princess Madeleine with husband Chris O’Neill and the children Leonore, Nicolas and Adrienne in their home country.
Image: picture alliance/dpa/TT News Agency/AP | Henrik Montgomery

What the British royal family Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are, the Swedish royals are Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill: The baby of King Carl XVI. Gustaf and Queen Silvia turned her back on the royal family with her husband a few years ago and just like the Duchess and Duke of Sussex found their center of life in the USA. Now, however, the Sweden princess makes promising hints that indicate a separation!

Princess Madeleine of Sweden lives in Florida – but for how long?

In 2018 struck Princess Madeleine of Sweden their tents in the sunny Florida and leads a relaxed life far away from the Swedish palace with husband Chris O’Neill and their children Princess Leonore, Prince Nicolas and Princess Adrienne. Only every now and then returns the five-headed family back to Sweden to enjoy the summer months in Madeleine’s home country, for example – at least that’s how it was last year.

Swedes want “their” Princess Madeleine to return home

What the royal-crazy Swedes would much rather see would be a permanent return of “their” Princess Madeleine to their home country. So far, it was the younger sister of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden however, planned to return to the USA after every flying visit. However, everything now looks as if Princess Madeleine is tired of her adopted country in the USA. The trigger for whispering, the Sweden princess could be near future Heading for new shores, Madeleine herself said in an interview.

Separation already decided? Princess Madeleine fuels rumors about her new home

According to the Swedish newspaper Svensk Dam, the scion recently took part in a panel discussion in Florida that was about promoting Swedish traditions and culture abroad. Princess Madeleine found herself in an interview situation on stage and was asked, among other things, what she particularly appreciates about her Swedish homeland. The answer came like a shot: Princess Madeleine revealed that she prefers to go for a walk in the Swedish countryside, if possible from the northernmost tip of the country to the southern border. In addition, Princess Madeleine is firmly anchored in the holidays and customs of her home country, as she admitted in the conversation – and a small comment on the side raised hopes that Princess Madeleine could not stay in Florida much longer.

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According to Princess Madeleine, she not only honors the Swedish national holiday and the Midsommar festival, she also has grown fond of the customs of her adopted country in the USA. For example, Madeleine loves the family celebration of Thanksgiving and is willing to take this tradition with her wherever it takes her and her family in the future.

Princess Madeleine of Sweden is always on the move: she has lived here before

Well, are the moving boxes already packed? Princess Madeleine did not give any specific information as to whether she wanted to leave Florida in the near future. However, the Swedish princess has long since lost her reputation as a royal migratory bird: Before the princess moved to Miami, Madeleine already lived in metropolises like New York or London. It remains to be seen which center of life the princess will choose next – the Swedes would certainly not be angry if Madeleine finally returned home with her family!

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