Pusha T is a rapper with laser focus

Pusha T is a rapper who knows better than anyone where his strength lies. In an effectively hypothermic rap style, he tells about the world of drugs and street trade in which he emerged, contrasting sharply with the luxurious, artistic life he now leads as a successful rapper, evoked in visual details. His previous solo album was stripped to the essentials Daytonaon which Kanye West created an ideal background for the grim raps full of Pusha T’s flair with amazingly flipped, colorful samples.

In addition to Kanye West, Pharrell Williams is back this time, who knows how to use Pusha T’s confident, sometimes sinister rap voice most effectively – on deep humming, crystal-clear mixed beats, with echoing kick drums and atmospheric synth sounds. These give Pusha T, a rapper with laser focus, all the space he needs to fire his accents, metaphors, venomous outbursts and penetrating images with the right emphasis and precision.

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