Putin does not oppose Ukraine's entry into the EU, because it is not a military alliance

Moscow, (EFE).- The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, said today that he has nothing against Ukraine joining the European Union (EU), since it is not a military organization or a military-political bloc like NATO.

“The EU is not a military organization or a politico-military bloc, unlike NATO. We have always said, and have always said, that our position is very consistent and clear on this. We have nothing against it,” he noted at the plenary session of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum.

Putin, however, questioned whether Ukraine could grow and restore a number of important industries just by joining the EU.

“I don’t know if accession to the European Union can give new impetus to the development of key areas of Ukraine,” he said.

“You will receive quite an important support for current expenses. This is unlikely to lead to the restoration of the lost aircraft industry, shipbuilding, electronics and other critical industries, because the European ‘giants’ will not create competitors for themselves,” he added.

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Putin does not oppose Ukraine’s entry into the EU, because it is not a military alliance

The European Comission (EC) recommended this Friday to the Twenty-seven to first grant Ukraine a “European perspective” and, secondly, to give it the status of “candidate” to enter the community club if the country carries out “important reforms”.

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