Pyong Lee spotted with mysterious blonde in public after split

Looks like the queue walked in the love life of Pyong Lee. Last Saturday (7), the hypnologist enjoyed accompanied the promoter’s birthday party Fernando Peixein the mansion of Helinho Calfatin Sao Paulo.

In this ocasion, the ex-BBB was seen with a blondewith whom he spoke close to his ear and was hugged at some moments during the event. This was the first time that the youtuber appeared accompanied by another woman, since separating from Sammy in February of this year.

To enjoy the event, Pyong bet on a wine suit, in addition to a black turtleneck blouse. The mysterious girl, on the other hand, was wearing an orange outfit and a golden accessory on her head.

Check out some records of the moment:

Pyong Lee’s End of Marriage

Pyong Lee has been single since February this yearwhen the ex-BBB’s marriage with the influencer came to an end Sammy. Together they are the parents of the little one. Jake2 years old. The statement about the separation was released on the young woman’s social networks:

“Out of respect for the people who accompany us and have respect for our family, I come to announce the end of a cycle in my life. Pyong and I have matured a lot in that time. It was important for my evolution. We have an infinite bond of friendship, respect, and our greatest treasure, Jake. Thank you for cheering for our happiness. I love each of you.” she said. “I love you too, Pyong. Every day you become a more responsible and dedicated parent. Our paths took us in different directions, but you will always be in our hearts.”he concluded.

Ex-BBB reveals Pyong’s heartache

Recently, Former BBB Gizelly Bicalho revealed the hurt she has with Pyong Leewith whom he had a very strong bond of friendship at the time of BBB 2020. Two years after the reality show ended, the lawyer questions some attitudes of the hypnotist.

“I told Daniel [Lenhardt] who wanted to talk to Pyong, who called me from another number saying he liked me, but he couldn’t talk to me. After that never again. I went crying from Rio to Vitória”she recalled, in conversation with journalist Eligia Aquino Cesar, from Gshow. “My grandmother always says that ‘the heart is a land that no one treads’. Was he really pro-feminist or did he use that situation to take advantage of people who were there for each other, in a moment of female sisterhood that we spent at BBB, just wanting to surf the wave? That I will never know”declared Gizelly Bicalho.

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