Eagle catches dog and flies away

yahoo.com. A home security camera captured the terrifying moment a bald eagle snatched up a small Yorkshire terrier named Coco on the front porch of his home and took him flying. The events occurred in the coastal town of Prince Rupert, in Canada.

In the video, shared by Justin Dudoward on his Facebook account, the bird appears pouncing on Coco and grabbing it.

Immediately afterwards, both disappear from the plane but the camera’s microphone captured the quadruped’s barking. After a few seconds of uncertainty, the dog reappears visibly scared after freeing himself from the eagle’s clutches.

Take measures for high temperatures

Italy. EFE/EPA. Ring-tailed lemurs sit in the Biopark in Rome, Italy. Zoo staff take steps to help animals cope with very high temperatures. To the sea lions, the keepers throw frozen popsicles filled with fish into the water.

Icicles stuffed with meat for the big cats, the group of macaques in Japan has a swimming pool where they take a dip and refreshing showers for the elephant Sofia.

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