Queen's Brian May cries seeing Freddy Mercury in hologram

There is no doubt for anyone that What in is one of the most emblematic bands of all time and that Freddie Mercury was immortalized leading the band. Something that Brian May surely remembered in one of the most recent Queen concerts, where he couldn’t help crying when he saw a hologram of his friend.

Next November will be the 31st anniversary of the death of Freddie Mercury. However, the memory of him, his voice and his music still beat in the hearts of all those he captivated and conquered with his talent. Even more so those with whom he shared tours, stages and thousands of stories as he did with his groupmates.

Perhaps that was part of what Brian May felt again when he saw his friend singing with him on stage. Only this time not physically, but as a hologram. May was visibly moved to see Freddie Mercury again as he sang the song. love of my life, one of the great successes of the English band. It was at that moment that the tears welled up and the moment was captured by the attendees.

Brian May video moves Queen fans

The moment in which Brian May is moved to tears was recorded by the cell phones of many of those who enjoyed the artist’s presentation. The recording spread on TikTok and it went viral on social media in no time. Both the fans of the English band and millions of users were moved by the scene.

The scene was really moving. At one point Brian May pretended to touch Freddie Mercury’s hand and then looked back at his guitar, at which point he couldn’t help but cry. Visibly moved, he wiped his tears and the audience began to applaud.

The videos of this moment were shared on the networks and users reacted with hundreds of comments. Some highlighted the great affection that Brian May continues to feel for his great friend and career partner Freddie Mercury.

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