Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino, the acclaimed director of hollywood, announced its participation in a new audiovisual project.

At the beginning of his career, the director established that he would only make 10 films before his retirement. His ninth film was “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” (“Once upon a time in Hollywood”), and from there, the fans are waiting.


What is known about Tarantino’s new project?

In the development of the tour, the works director as “Pulp Fiction” Y “Reserve Dogs” Has delivered many news to his followers. Previously We tell you about the director’s sayings on why he will never participate in a Marvel movie. We also tell you about the films that he considers “perfect”.

This time, the director’s announcement took a slightly different direction: a new project. So that everyone is calm: it seems that the plans about his career remain intact, because This mysterious production is not a movie, but a series.

During his new book tour, “Cinema Speculation”, Tarantino revealed that will become the director of a television series, that will start shooting in 2023. The Serie will have 8 partsbut still details unknown about the story it will deal with, and the cast who will join this production. The estimated release date is also unknown.

Had you worked in series?

as he remembers NMEDirector of “Jackie Brown” I had already done his time on the small screen. In 2005, joined the team “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” by two episodesand also participated in “ER”, directing an episode in nineteen ninety five.

In addition, it was added to the credits of the series of “From Dusk Till Dawn”inspired by the movie that he himself directed in 1996.

In his career, Tarantino has obtained director credits on 9 filmsso if your retirement plan still stands, there is still room for one more film. we stay waiting for Tarantino to surprise us with those news.

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