Quentin Tarantino saw Top Gun: Maverick and found this "fantastic" !

For the filmmaker, Tom Cruise’s hit was “a real cinematic spectacle, the kind I thought I would never see again!”

The most beloved of all film critics, Quentin Tarantino, gave his opinion on the hit of the moment! The director saw Top Gun: Maverick and for CinemaBlend’s ReelBlend podcast he reveals to the world what he thought of it: “Fantastic !”

“Normally I don’t talk about new movies a lot because I’m forced to say only good things… But in this case, I love this fucking movie Top Gun: Maverick. I found it fantastic! I saw it at the cinema. And as our mutual good friend Brett Easton Ellis says, Spielberg’s Top Gun 2 and West Side Story both gave us a true cinematic spectacle. The kind I thought I would never see again! It was fantastic.”

Quentin Tarantino is a huge Peppa Pig fan!

However, Quentin Tarantino concedes having had doubts, vis-à-vis a series of Top Gun without Tony Scott (who died in 2012) at the helm. And he asked the question directly to Tom Cruise, whom he called in stride: “He replied, ‘I know. Listen, I know. You’re right. That’s why I said no all these years. I said no to this sequel idea for this exact reason, but this time we found a way. We found a good story.”

Tarantino then picks up and confides”adore Tony Scott’s cinema enormously, and it’s great that Top Gun: Maverick be as close as possible to a film that Tony Scott could have made. Director Joseph Kosinski did a great job. Tony’s respect and love was in every picture. In each of his decisions as a filmmaker. And I think we find that every decision that Tom [Cruise] took on this film. It’s the closest we can get to another Tony Scott movie, and it was a fucking great movie!”

As a result, we begin to fantasize about a 10th and last film by Quentin Tarantinobringing together Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio… The ultimate hit.

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