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Antonio de Jesus Baez Tapia,
Attorney Court of Appeal Montecristi.-
The reaction of one of those affected by the alleged planting of drugs in a Villa Vásquez hairdresser questions his claim of lack of interest on the part of the victims to withdraw from the process. Otoniel Gutiérrez not only protested the withdrawal of the lawsuit against the defendants, but also asked to continue the case in court.

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Eduardo Alberto Then,
Police Director.-
In the case of an invitation, it was his decision whether or not to appear before the Interior and Police Commission of the Chamber of Deputies. It does not matter that the absence has been seen as rude. What is incomprehensible is that he refuses to explain his absence, as if the reasons were a state secret. Silence triggers guesswork.

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Clodomiro Moquete,
With his death at the age of 76, the journalistic class loses a member who fought for the welfare of his fellow professionals. The principles marked the exercise of it. Retired from journalism for a long time, he never abandoned the trade because he directed the literary magazine Vetas. Peace to the remains of him.

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