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In a romance with the actor José Loreto, who is confirmed in the next soap opera at 7 pm, Vai na Fé, the presenter and model Rafa Kalimann left social networks on fire, after sharing yet another video of those that increase engagement.

In summary, the beauty appeared showing off the updated marks on her body, and caused a stir by appearing in daring poses with a tiny and attractive bikini. In a short time, the publication already had a shower of intense praise.



“This way Brazil will win all the World Cup games, what a blessed woman”, praised a young man. “My good lady, I am shocked by her beauty”, revealed the second. “Wow, what a perfect thing”, highlighted the last admirer.

Check out the official publication made by Rafa Kalimann:

Loreto and Rafa Kalimann

In the last week, José Loreto took the opportunity to comment on the relationship with Rafa Kalimann and said he was cautious in her relationship with her daughter Bella, the result of his marriage to actress Débora Nascimento.

🇧🇷[A relação está de boa], everything in its time, slowly. Rafael is a sweetheart. They like each other, they enjoy each other, they have fun. It’s all very new. We are cautious, but it is a natural caution. We didn’t have any problems. Bella understands that Daddy dates. It is too early. I went through a divorce, I have a young daughter. I was very cautious to introduce anyone to her. I had another relationship before (with Rafa). Now it’s just a case of going with one foot after the other, without anxiety”, he revealed.

In closing, the heartthrob said he tried not to show so much affection in Rafa in front of the heiress; “When we’re in love, we tend to get a little wild. But since I have this very special thing in my life (the daughter), I was very cautious. Girlfriend is like a great friend who lives more. I don’t kiss Rafa in front of her, there’s still time. That goes for each one too. You feel it, leaving it very natural”, he clarified.

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Latino x Loreto

Catching up with José Loreto, the actor has been hit back in recent days by Latin🇧🇷 It’s just that, when talking about the inspirations of your next character, a flop singer, the global said he is inspired by Kelly Key’s ex.

“The character has already been very successful, but for some time he lives off the same songs. It kind of stopped in time, it didn’t reinvent itself. He already filled stadiums, but today he leaves the theater half-assed. There are only those old card fans. Also, he is very controversial and is always in tabloids because of gossip. He is a womanizer, gets involved with a lot of people. Until he falls in love with Sol (Sheron Menezzes, the protagonist)”, he revealed.

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