The mysterious Rafaela, played by Glória Pires, appears in O Rei do Gado with a big lie to try to win the coveted fortune of Geremias, played by Raul Cortez. For this, she lies that she is Marieta Berdinazzi. Afterwards, she admits that she is not the rich man’s lost niece, but still insists on having the family blood. Finally, her true story comes to light.

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How is Rafaela unmasked?

Before explaining each one of them, it is necessary to point out that there are two important moments in Rafaela’s story in the telenovela O Rei do Gado. The first is that Rafaela confesses that she is not Marieta. This is the moment when shock takes hold of Geremias.

However, as the girl still claims to be a Berdinazzi and claims to be the granddaughter of Bruno (Marcello Anthony), the second important situation of the impostor in the serial is when Geremias gathers evidence and proves once and for all that the girl does not share her blood.

Rafaela’s Confession

In chapter 73 of the original airing of the telenovela O Rei do Gado, Rafaela confessed everything to Geremias. During the scene, the duo fought because the girl fell in love with Marcos (Fábio Assunção), son of Bruno Mezenga, and Geremias did not want to allow the union of the alleged niece with the heir of his rival.

At this moment, Rafaela says that she loves the boy and that Geremias will not forbid her. Therefore, she ends up confessing that she is not Marieta Berdinazzi. “I didn’t fall out of a truck, I’ve never been a street vendor in my entire life,” she declares.

However, the young woman says: “but I am a Berdinazzi. I am the granddaughter of your brother Bruno, who died in the war”. Geremias disdained the girl’s words and she says that she knew he wouldn’t believe the story, so she ended up lying. The two fight badly and cut ties, but the mystery about Rafaela’s true origin remains in the air.

Rafaela confesses in o rei do gado that she is not marieta berdinazzi – photo: reproduction/globo

Proof of Geremias

It is then that later in the plot, only around chapter 186, that Rafaela’s story finally gains a resolution. In the final stretch of Benedito Ruy Barbosa’s serial, Geremias travels to Italy in order to discover the truth about Rafaela. He finds documents, does a thorough investigation of the place and meets several people.

Upon his return, he brings Giuseppe, a boy he discovers to be his great-nephew. He then reveals what he discovered to Rafaela, Otavinho (Guilherme Fontes) and Judite (Walderez de Barros) in a chat on his property.

“Both [Giuseppe e Rafaela] they are Gema’s grandchildren – the woman who had an affair with Bruno during the war – but only Giuseppe is my brother Bruno’s grandson”, he reveals.

Geremias explains that Gema had a son with Bruno and after the soldier’s death, she stayed with another man. After becoming pregnant with this new novel, Gema was dumped by her bad character. She then ended up putting Bruno’s last name on her second child as well, even though the two were not related.

“Rafaela, your father has the name of the Berdinazzi, but he doesn’t have our blood”, clarifies Geremias. Gloria Pires’ character is shaken by the situation and starts crying. Despite lying about being Marieta (Giacomo’s lost daughter), the girl truly believed that she was part of the family on Bruno’s side. “I’m just finding out about this now,” she laments.

Geremias discovers the truth about Rafael – photo: reproduction/globo

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Rafaela’s ending in O Rei do Gado

After all of Geremias’ discoveries in Italy, Rafaela leaves the rich man’s life and leaves the farm. She doesn’t receive the inheritance from Geremias-which she was looking for when she landed on the land of the rural producer and lied about his identity-but she doesn’t leave empty-handed either.

At the end of O Rei do Gado, Rafaela receives land and cattle from Geremias and then leaves. She says goodbye to the character of Raul Cortez, who suffers after leaving as a girl. Despite knowing that he shouldn’t get involved with the woman anymore, due to all Rafaela’s lies, he got to become attached to the young woman.

Rafaela also says goodbye to Giuseppe and wishes good luck to the boy, who will be Geremias’ heir. After leaving, she even calls Judite a few chapters later and tries to talk to Geremias, but the maid says that the farmer never wants to talk to the young woman again.

Her romance with Marcos also doesn’t work out in O Rei do Gado and she doesn’t end up with the Mezenga heir. Fábio Assunção’s character stays with Liliana (Mariana Lima) at the end of the plot, with whom he has a son.

Rafaela does not receive an inheritance, but gains land at the end of o rei do gado – photo: reproduction/globo

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