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Rain in Santiago: At what time will precipitation occur this Thursday?

Rains in Santiago

Although there are still some days until winter begins Officially, the cold is already beginning to be felt in the capital. Also, this and the other week new rains would be taking place in Santiago.

At what time could rain occur in Santiago?

According to Meteored, there is a probability that the rain arrives in the capital this Thursday, June 16. Although they were produced weakly between 4:00 AM and 9:00 AMthere would be a pause with cloudy intervals.

“It is likely that some droplets will fall, but very weakly, as we have said, more than anything in the foothills«. He indicated the meteorologist of meganewsMichelle Adam.

So these showers could come back at about 2:00 p.m., extending until 5:00 p.m. with a 65% chance. The rest of the afternoon will be quite cold and skies will be cloudy.

“The clouds are present, but it is a very weakened cloud layer, which is unable to drop a large amount of water«. added the expert. «It could leave one or another droplet, more than anything as a drizzle type, perhaps in the south of the capital and also in thes foothills sectors. Then we are going to vary to a mostly cloudy skyuntil staying with a sky practically partial«.

As previously reported, they could also occur snowfall in mountain ranges.

It should be noted that for this Thursday the 16th a maximum of 13°C and a minimum of 6°C.

Check below the Weather forecast for the rest of this week:

Rains in Santiago

What days could there be precipitation the following week?

Although for now the rainfall could end, the following week it is likely that it will also occur.

They could start on the afternoon of Monday the 20th and will extend even until Sunday June 26. With greater intensity between Tuesday and Wednesday of that week.

Likewise, it is estimated that the rain begins with a 92% security on Tuesday 21 and ending on Thursday 23. To then occur again on the weekend.

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