Rapper Dave talks about fears and insecurities

Where were the fire-breathing guitars and gospel choirs? At his concerts in England there was musical and visual spectacle. In Amsterdam, after all his ‘favorite place’, British rapper Dave stood alone on stage. Sometimes with a guitarist, but without fire.

A rapper alone can also captivate, through his commitment or virtuoso word flows. Dave has those qualities. In addition, he is striking as a rapper because he does not make himself bigger than he is. With Dave no bravado, but a detailed account of the fears and insecurities he endured in his 23-year life, so that in the song ‘Psycho’ he concludes: “Man, I need some therapy”.

Born David Orobosa Omoregie, Dave is of Nigerian descent and grew up in London. Since the age of sixteen, he has been successful in his home country, thanks to his two albums, of which mainly We’re All Alone In This Together, appeared during the lockdown, stood out for its musical variety and gentleness. Dave is also popular in the Netherlands, the 5000 visitors in the sold-out Afas already chanted the title of his hit ‘Thiago Silva’, about the Brazilian footballer, before the start.

But then Dave showed up and suddenly the stage was really big for a single rapper. At times he was impressive, like in ‘Professor X’ where he rapped to a minimalist accompaniment of bare bass drum, and his words sounded so rhythmic as if they were galloping.

He played lyrically on a piano or an acoustic guitar. But the guitarist who accompanied him in ‘Screwface Capitol’ broke the cadence of the song with a blunt solo. Between songs Dave talked about his mental state, about ‘good and bad fears’. As sympathetic as it may be, the role of inspiration coach did not suit him and took the tempo out of the concert.

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