Raymundo Féliz, Dominican makes history in Qatar

Swimming, basketball, baseball, high jump, relay race… Going through so many sports disciplines, perhaps Helpys Raymundo Féliz never imagined that the discipline would lead him to fulfill some of his dreams, because he has many others like going to the Olympic Games It would be soccer.

He practiced everything mentioned above and even swimming led him to obtain a scholarship to study Marketing at a university in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic.

But his mentor Roque García invited him to take a seminar from the FIFA and that was key in the story that is about to be told. But for Raymundo, his relationship with soccer did not begin there. It was many years ago.

“In the World Cup in Korea and Japan, my mother watched the matches on the only television we had, which was in my room. Due to the time difference, she had to see them at dawn and the light in the room woke me up, ”she recounted exclusively for ESPN Digital before leaving for Qatar.

Raymundo Féliz, Dominican makes history in Qatar

“Then there came a time when I had to be honest with her and tell her that I was secretly watching the games with her, so she dedicated herself to teaching me the system and the soccer scheme and I think it was at that moment that I began to understand soccer from global way”, says Féliz with a smile.

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His mother, Victoria Cuevas, is a teacher and this is how the native of Santo Domingo remembers how he had his first contact with soccer thanks to her, in a furtive way, since late at night he had to sleep to go to school the day before. Next.

And from there, now at 33 years old, Raymundo will become the first Dominican to be present at a FIFA World Cup this Wednesday when he is part of the refereeing staff for the match between Germany and Japan as fifth referee. Féliz will be joined by Iván Barton from El Salvador, assistants David Morán (El Salvador) and Zachari Zeegelar (Suriname), and fourth official Said Martínez from Honduras.

“For me it means everything, from the personal to the professional. It is a dream that I always had and I am achieving it in a different way than perhaps other people project it. The majority think to arrive as a player but it is also very difficult to arrive as a referee”, says the Dominican.

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