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He still had his whole life ahead of him, but Reiss Jarvis was only allowed to be 21 years old: the young British actor and BBC star was fatally injured as a passenger in a car accident.

A serious car accident cost the life of British actor Reiss Jarvis – he was only 21 years old (symbol photo).
Image: Adobe Stock / Konstantinos Moraiti

Reiss Jarvis made his critically acclaimed debut as Michael Gorman in the BBC television production Murdered For Being Different in 2017 actor – but the young actor’s career, which was just beginning to blossom, came to an abrupt end. According to British media reports, Reiss Jarvis is going through a tragic accident was taken from his life at the age of 21.

Reiss Jarvis is dead: Young actor died in an accident at the age of 21

The “Daily Star” is currently reading how Reiss Jarvis died. The young actor had a fatal accident last fall, but the official investigation has only now been completed. The 21-year-old was therefore already in November 2021 as a passenger in a car that had an accident not far from Oldham near Manchester in north-west England. The driver of the car, a 34-year-old named Karl Young, lost control of his car while speeding and crashed into a tree before the crashed car slid down an embankment. No other vehicles were involved in the accident.

Horror crash at excessive speed as a death sentence for young British actors

Karl Young came to the hospital with serious injuries and died a little later in the clinic, writes the “Daily Star” – Reiss Jarvis was injured so badly in the accident that he was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. According to the investigation, the accident car raced at 177 kilometers per hour on the road, on which a maximum speed of 80 km/h was allowed.

What remains for the relatives of Reiss Jarvis are the memories of a music-mad, fun-loving young man who, alongside his acting career, trained as a barber.

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