Santo Domingo.-It will be from this Friday when the hours for the consumption and sale of alcoholic beverages will resume in the different commercial points of the greater Santo Domingo, after the Ministry of the Interior and Police issued a resolution on November 7 that prohibited the sale of alcohol in the aforementioned area.

Remember that the agency had prohibited the consumption and sale of alcoholic beverages from Monday to Sunday between midnight and 8:00 in the morning.

After the measure was made public, the owners of bars and nightclubs began a meeting process with the Minister of the Interior and Police, Jesús Vázquez Martínez, in which a consensus was sought to avoid affecting that business.

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Given the decision of the authorities to annul the sale and consumption of alcohol, the owners of night businesses celebrated the decision of the Interior and Police, they also stated that during the two weeks that the decision lasted they lost around 200 million pesos.

This resolution was in force in Santo Domingo Este, Santo Domingo Oeste, Pedro Brand, Boca Chica, Los Alcarrizos, San Antonio de Guerra and the municipal districts belonging to these municipalities in the Santo Domingo province.

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