Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead finale: will Andrew Lincoln return in the end or not?

After 11 seasons, 12 years and 177 episodes, The Walking Dead has now ended with the grand series finale Rest in Peace. Of course, many fans from the very beginning asked themselves whether Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) would return after his exit in Season 9.

If you’ve already given up on the series or just want to know if Rick will appear in the finale, you’ll find out the answer here. There follow of course Spoilers for The Walking Dead series finale.

Watch a trailer for The Walking Dead series finale here:

The Walking Dead – S11 Finale Trailer (German subtitles) HD


Here’s how The Walking Dead brings back Rick Grimes in the series finale

The short answer first: Yes, Rick Grimes reappears in the final The Walking Dead episode. At the end of the episode follows a five-minute epilogue, which also shows Rick and Michonne (Danai Gurira) again, among other things.

After being seriously injured by a helicopter in Season 9, Rick is barefoot in the series finale, as well as wearing one CRM (Civic Republic Military) Jacket to see. To avoid having his shoes, diary, and cell phone confiscated, he packs all the items in a backpack and throws it on a boat. Then another helicopter can be heard approaching, while the escaped Rick is being asked to surrender.

Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead finale

At the same time, you can also see Michonne riding a horse with exactly this backpack. Apparently she’s on her way to Rick’s. Aus dem Off are as accompaniment to the scenes of both Entries from the diary to hear that Rick and Michonne were leading together. They are hopeful words for their children.

Rick and Michonne return for The Walking Dead spin-offs

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In 2023 the characters will get one joint spin-off series. The Walking Dead: Rick & Michonne will be about how the two must come together. The overpowering military unit CRM, which Rick apparently had to join unwillingly, will then play a bigger role again. An exact start for the offshoot has not yet been determined.

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Are you excited for The Walking Dead spin-off series starring Rick and Michonne?

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