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Famous after acting in Alma Gêmea, a successful soap opera written by Walcyr Carrasco, the actress Rita Guedes was spotted in Rio de Janeiro in an unusual and sensual way. At the time, she was leaving Barra beach, in Rio de Janeiro, after a day of leisure.

In summary, the 50-year-old blonde was surrounded by praise on social media, as she appeared in a very thin black garment, which further enhanced her curvy, curvy body. Friendly with the paparazzi, she waved and stole the show.



“Woman of God, time passes and she just keeps getting better”, said a boy. “It’s so good for us to be a fan of this beauty”, revealed the second grown man. “Most beautiful thing in our lives”, shot the last one.

Check out the busted Rita Guedes in Barra da Tijuca, in Rio de Janeiro:

Rita Guedes in difficult times

Those who follow Rita Guedes’ career know that the artist always makes personal reports. At the time, during a participation in the Canal Rap 77 program, on Youtube, the muse said that she faced difficult moments with depression and anxiety.

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“I forgot about myself, about taking care of myself and connecting with myself. I think that was it, because I finished the soap opera “Alma Gêmea”, then I had launched Playboy magazine. I started to do so much at the same time… In fact, I didn’t have time to sleep. I was doing multiple jobs at the same time and traveling. I think I was putting everything together and I hardly slept. I almost didn’t eat right. Woke up in the middle of the night to travel. So, I think after all this ended, I had a panic. And it was something really bad, horrible,” she said.

In the conversation, Rita pointed out that she dealt with moments of panic and the feeling of death at all times. “I thought I had to leave (from a place) otherwise I was going to die or someone was going to die. I remember once I was at the salon doing my hair and, in the middle of the hair, I took everything off and said: “I have to go. “Nobody understood anything. I got out and got into the first taxi. Then I managed to calm down. It was a wave that came and it was something uncontrollable. And it was funny that, of course, I took medicine and stuff,” she reported.

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