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Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical coming to Netflix

Matilda the musical.
Matilda the musical.
Netflix has a new Matilda adaptation coming during the holiday season. Pic credit: Netflix

Matilda the Musical made its first debut in November 2010, but Netflix is bringing back the acclaimed children’s novel for another musical film.

Mara Wilson may hold the hearts of fans who love the 1996 film Matilda for her portrayal of the gifted child, but the upcoming trailer showcases a great cast and many iconic scenes from the movie and book that fans won’t want to miss.

Matthew Warchus directed the musical adaptation which will premiere this holiday season on Netflix, though Sony Pictures UK and TriStar Pictures will also release the film in the UK and Ireland in early December.

Watch Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical official trailer

The trailer falls just under a minute and a half long but packs in a lot of details for eagle-eyed fans to catch.

First, fans see a look at the menacing gates of Crunchem Hall before being introduced to Matilda. A portion of a musical number spells out her name as girls race through the halls.

Viewers can see many of the famous scenes left intact, such as the spinning pigtail scene, the chocolate cake, and the glue in Matilda’s dad’s hat. The terrifying and cruel Miss Trunchbull fits the bill for the character perfectly.

The aesthetics of the movie channel Wes Anderson for his wide shots and colorful scenes, though he is not working on this specific Roald Dahl adaptation. However, Netflix does have Anderson working on Dahl’s The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar. In the past, Anderson has done a film adaptation of Dahl’s Fantastic Mr. Fox, which turned into an Oscar-winning animated film.

Matilda the Musical’s director, Matthew Warchus, is known for directing Pride (2014) and Simpatico (1999). His work seems up to par for the film, and the cast seems fitting.

Meet the cast of Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical

Main character Matilda is sure to get into a lot of trouble in this new musical just as she was written to, but with a new face. Matilda Wormwood is played by Alisha Weir, with her terrible parents portrayed by Stephen Graham and Andrea Riseborough.

Matilda’s best friend Miss Honey is portrayed by Lashana Lynch, but Matilda’s toughest adversary Miss Trunchbull is portrayed by Emma Thompson in an almost unrecognizable transformation.

Emma Thompson truly looks terrifying in her new role, but the cast all appears to properly portray their characters.

Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical will premiere later this year, during the holiday season.

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