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One of the biggest names in Brazilian music, Roberto Carlos didn’t just stay in front of the microphone during his career. Between the 1950s and 1970s, the king also ventured into cinema and even won a trilogy named after him. Today, Roberto Carlos’ films are already classics.

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Roberto Carlos’ films became a trilogy: Roberto Carlos – Em Ritmo de Aventura was the 1st of them

At the height of his career, Roberto Carlos got the chance to star in a trilogy between the end of the 60s and the beginning of the 70s. His first release was Roberto Carlos em Ritmo de Aventura, in 1968, directed by Roberto Farias.

In the plot of the feature, Roberto Carlos played a musician who was pursued by international bandits who intended to take him to the United States. Criminals chased him around the city and put him in danger. On the soundtrack, tracks like When, I’m Terrible and How Great My Love for You would appear.

Roberto Carlos
First feature starring the singer – photo: reproduction/dissemination/difilm

Roberto Carlos and the Pink Diamond

In this continuation of the trilogy, also launched in 1968, Roberto Carlos won a journey alongside Erasmo Carlos and Wanderlea. In the story, the three were in Japan, when the singer buys an old figurine, which promises to be magical and hides a treasure.

The trio then begins to be pursued by Pierre, a mysterious man who leads a bad character team. Between obstacles, Roberto and Erasmo discover a treasure map that takes them back to Rio de Janeiro.

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Second among roberto carlos films – photo: reproduction/dissemination/ipanema films

Roberto Carlos at 300km per hour

In the third and final film of the franchise that bears his name, Roberto Carlos played the character Lalo. The boy was a mechanic who also turned out to be an excellent racing driver. He loved cars and secretly also loved Luciana, his boss’s girlfriend.

In the soundtrack of the 1971 film, the songs Todos Está Surdos and De Tanto Amor were played. The feature was also directed by Roberto Farias, as well as the other films with Roberto Carlos as the protagonist.

Roberto Carlos third film
Third film of the singer’s trilogy – – photo: reproduction/dissemination/ipanema films

Singer had two small appearances at the beginning of his career

Before starring in his own films, Roberto Carlos made small appearances in two works from the late 1950s: Minha Sogra é da Polícia (1958) and Alegria de Viver (1958).

In Minha Sogra é da Polícia, which showed the story of a civil servant tormented by his mother-in-law during the arrival of rock music in Brazil, the singer appears in a scene during a presentation at a club. Erasmo Carlos, Carlos Imperial and Cauby Peixoto also participated in the scene.

In Alegria de Viver, the musician made a small appearance in a scene that took place in the cinema. He was the ticket taker for the venue. The plot was a romantic comedy that began with a boss who wanted to marry his daughter to an exemplary employee.

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Bonus – Film about the singer

And for those who don’t just want to watch Roberto Carlos’ films as an actor, it is also possible to check out a work that shows part of the famous career: Minha Fama de Mau (2019).

In the feature, Chay Suede plays Erasmo Carlos and Gabriel Leone plays Roberto Carlos. The focus of the plot is the great friend of the king, Erasmo, in the 70’s. The film shows the musician’s passion for rock and roll and the friendship and partnership with Roberto Carlos.

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