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Rodrigo Lombardi is in the air Globein the list of Crossingnovel written by Gloria Perez. However, for almost two decades in the communication company, he reflected on a possible career break, as he wants to do more personal projects.

“I have some to produce, but, due to the lack of time, I have to merge one job into another… During the pandemic, I made the feature film ‘Antes de estar’ and ‘Grande Sertão: Veredas. : And my own projects are messed up in the drawer. At any time I will take each one with good patience. I feel like taking a break here (with the TV) to get my hands dirty. As a director and as an author”, said the heartthrob.



Still on the outburst, Lombardi said that making a soap opera is like a series, only with at least 200 chapters. “Soap opera is a series, but it’s big (laughs). The ‘modus operandi’ does not change. Everyone says: ‘Ah, but a telenovela is a series of 200 chapters’. Grey’s Anatomy (almost 20 seasons series) is what? I do what I love and I do it the same way.”

Praised Gloria Perez

In another part of the conversation, Rodrigo Lombardi praised Travessia, and said he sees the current soap opera at 9 pm as one of the works most similar to the reality of society.

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“Of course languages ​​change, but they also repeat themselves. Gloria, writing this novel, is bringing something that, in my view, is unprecedented for her: everyday life portrayed by everyday people, who are not villains or bandits or just lovers. Everyone has everything within themselves. And we will tell this throughout the soap opera for those who watch it to identify. Perhaps it is the most faithful copy of reality that I have seen in the last soap operas”, he opined.


Speaking of Rodrigo Lombardi, the famous has already made it clear to Notícias da TV that, even with the tight schedule of work and commitments, feel like working as a voice actor.

“It’s the second time I’ve voiced a sequel. Thank God, both times I loved the first movie. I fell in love with that family [Os Croods]🇧🇷 I’m passionate about dubbing. I love to do, if I could I would make a living out of it. I don’t know if I have the talent to make a living out of dubbing, but when I’m there, I love doing it. What I like most [em dublagem] it is the experimentation of the voices until arriving at what fits with the image”, he detailed.

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