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Los Angeles (USA).- The advancement of Latinos in the entertainment industry in the United States also depends on the support of the Hispanic public, the Puerto Rican actress told EFE Roselyn Sanchez about his participation in the series “My Life”.

“What the Latino needs is to unite,” said the artist about the struggle that has taken place to achieve Hispanic representation in the entertainment industry in the United States.

With a solid career of more than 20 years in television and film in the United States as an actress and more recently as a producer, Sánchez warns that the Hispanic public must unite with their artists to make studios and production companies include more talent from that community. .

The 49-year-old singer, too, has experienced firsthand the lack of support from the Latino public for some productions in which she has participated. She gives the example of the comedy “Devious Maids”, which she starred in for Lifetime between 2013 and 2016.

She points out that despite the fact that the series had four Latina protagonists, it did not have the support of the Hispanic public that she expected.

The story, based on the Mexican series “Ellas son… la alegría del hogar”, follows the lives of four Latina domestic workers who work for rich and powerful families in Beverly Hills. Even so, “the majority of the audience that saw the show was not Latino,” she laments.

As a producer, she believes that part of the problem in capturing the Latino public in the US is its “multiculturalism”, and points out that it is difficult to make the studios understand that Latinos “are the same but different at the same time”.

“The humor of the Puerto Rican is not the same as the Mexican or the Dominican, and we can continue like this,” he deepens.

From his perspective, the studios are already making progress, but he insists that the Latino public also has a lot to do with achieving proper representation of the community in the US entertainment industry.

“If the Latino himself does not support us, we are going to die (in the industry),” says the Puerto Rican, who left the island at the age of 21 to make a space for herself on American television and cinema.

All this struggle is part of the documentary “My Life”, a 10-episode series with first-person accounts of the lives of 10 Latino entertainment icons produced by Canela TV.

For years Sánchez -who participated in the television series “Without a Trace”, for which she was nominated on several occasions for the ALMA awards- separated her professional life from her personal life.

However, she says that since she launched the “He Said, Ella Dijo” podcast with her husband, Eric Winter, she has become more flexible in talking about her intimacy.

“I want people to know that behind the character, the actress, there is a human being,” he says about the episode “My Life” dedicated to him, which will be released on November 24 by Canela TV, a free video platform in the US. USA dedicated to Latinos.

The public will be able to find out about all the ups and downs that she has had in her career, which, although it has remained stable, has not freed her from experiencing “several disappointments”.

“This entertainment career is very thankless and very difficult,” he comments, to underline that “it’s a pretty fucked up life”.

Their confessions are part of an effort to inspire a constant fight for the Latino community to get ahead in the country. “Earning spaces is not easy,” warns the actress, who says she feels lucky to have a job at her age.

Next year, Sánchez will premiere the second season of “La Isla de la Fantasia”, a series on the Fox network in which she plays Elena Roarke, great-niece of Mr. Roarke, a character played by the legendary Ricardo Montalbán in the successful original series.

The artist pointed out that she is going through a great professional moment. She participates as a jury in “Mira Quién Baila 2022” and has a movie on the horizon, as well as two television series that she is producing with her husband.

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In addition to Sánchez, the series “My Life” dedicates episodes to Kate del Castillo, Manolo Cardona, Jencarlos Canela, Gaby Espino and Danny Trejo, among others.

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