Pearl Jam in Chile

Pearl Jam would be close to releasing a new album, however, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, they had to postpone their Gigaton tour, with which they were going to promote their album of the same name and that this week they were able to resume after almost two years, and now, a document has just been leaked in which it is ensured that the band would come to Chile.

Does Pearl Jam come to Chile in 2023?

This week, a photograph of a document began to circulate on Twitter in which it is assured that Pearl Jam would come to Chile in 2023.

According to what can be read, the information refers to a reservation for two musical events at the National Stadium. which would correspond to concert that Justin Bieber will give in September this yearand another that would be performed by the band led by Eddie Vedder in 2023.

According to the document, the concert of Pearl Jam in Chile would be on March 5, 2023. Also, it details the dates on which it would be assembled and disassembled the scene of the American group.

Twitter: @MCisternaG

It should be noted that the last time Pearl Jam came to our country it was for a solo show at the Movistar Arena and the Lollapalooza Festival Chile 2018.

Now, according to leaked information, which so far corresponds to only a rumor, the band would come alone and outside of a festival. So up to now His position as headliner of Lollapalooza Chile 2023 would be ruled out.

Pearl Jam would come to Chile to promote their eleventh album, gigaton. Which corresponds to his first album in seven years and which already has a world tour underway.

It should be noted that the band, so far, it only has dates assigned for North America and Europe. However, as has been the case with their previous world tours, it would be strange if Pearl Jam will not include dates in South America.

Also considering his huge fan base now that they have successful sales As for concert tickets.

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