Sabrina Sato defends the LGBT community: “No judgment”

The last weekend was marked by the LGBTQIA+ Pride Parade in Sao Paulo. The event was attended by several famous people and Sabrina Sato decided to speak out on social media.

The presenter shared several images of the event and declared her support for the community in the caption.

“The LGBTQIA+ Pride Parade reminds us that diversity and respect need to be present in our daily lives. We are plural beings and the beauty of humanity is in the difference. May we learn to welcome and understand without judgment or prejudice all the multiplicity of human beings and may we have the courage of LGBTQIA+ people to live our truth! (…) More than 3 million people on Av Paulista celebrating LOVE!”, celebrated the famous on Instagram.

See the presenter’s post on social media:

Crisis with Duda Nagle

In recent times, Sabrina Sato has spoken quite honestly about the crises she faced in her relationship with her husband, the actor. Duda Nagle. In a recent interview with columnist Leo Dias, from the Metrópoles portal, she explained that she decided to spice up the relationship between the two so that they could stay together.

We weren’t at all wonderful, but we didn’t even know. It takes a while for a couple to admit they are going through a crisis. And no one in the family knew.”

She even vented about a cold message she received from her lover. “On my birthday, he was recording. He didn’t come in any [festa]. There was the crisis. That son of a bitch didn’t make a decent post on my birthday. One has to learn. I’ve been with him for six years. I’m his daughter’s mother, wonderful wife and go there and make a post like this on her birthday? Am I not sure?” he asked.

positive moment

Despite the problems that the marriage suffered, Sabrina Sato highlighted in the sequence that she and Duda Nagle are living the best phase of their relationship at the moment.

I think all couples go through when they’ve been together for a long time.. Famous or not. Routine does that to us, life’s problems do that, children, the same ‘roll’ does that to us. We are only living our best phase today because of the crisis. We talked and decided: ‘Let’s have our days, our schedules, let’s try to spice up this relationship’. Just doing it to get it. The relationship has to mature.”

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