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Sabrina Sato confessed a curiosity while having sex with her husband, Duda Nagle🇧🇷 In an interview with Lady Night, Tatá Werneck’s program on Multishow, the presenter said she slept while having sex with the actor.

The conversation started when Tatá asked if Sato put her daughter, Zoe, in the middle of the couple at bedtime, as this would prevent the two from having sex during the night.



Soon, Sabrina asked the communicator. “Guys, I do this all night. Do you do it too?”, wanted to know the japa. Werneck, in turn, replied: “I don’t talk to Rafa (Vitti, her husband). He is a tenant, but he eats me ”.

“But do you want it every night?”, questioned the GNT contractor, who added: “Guys, Tatá, you are very lively. Don’t you come home tired and go have sex? Aren’t you tired?”

Then, the presenter of Multishow hit back at the former Record contractor. “I’m tired, exhausted, but Rafa gets excited about anything,” she said.

Then Sabrina made an intimate confession about her sex life with Dudley. She admitted to having already slept during the act with the actor: “Oh, it’s a lot of testosterone. It takes a lot of work. That night I slept through it. I swear, I don’t know how it ended. I fell asleep in the middle of sex”.

Sabrina Sato shocks Tatá Werneck with intimate revelation

During an interview with Lady Night (Multishow), Sabrina Sato told Tatá that she didn’t shower to go to the program, after having lived an intimate night with her husband, Duda Nagle.

The discussion began after Rafa Vitti’s wife asked her colleague if she knew what “dancer’s sweat” was, as part of a joke on the talk show. As soon as she understood the situation, the japa sent the message.

“Ah, dancer sweat. He, for example, yesterday, we made love, our dance. Then I said “what? I’m going to get up just because I’m all sweaty, with dancer’s sweat?. I went to sleep and woke up today and I still have a dancer’s sweat, I think”, declared Sato.

For Sabrina, the measure is in exchange for more beautiful skin: “They say it’s Sandy’s secret”, joked Tata Werneck. “She’s had the same face for 20 years.”

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“They say it’s Sandy’s secret”, joked Werneck. “She’s had the same face for 20 years,” mocked Sato. “Weird”, defined the presenter of Lady Night.

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