Sabrina Sato surprises and talks about separation from Dhomini

the presenter Sabrina Sato confessed this last Wednesday (11), that he went through difficult times to try to overcome the end of the relationship with the ex-BBB Dhomini. The two started their romance even when they were confined to the Big Brother Brazil 3.

During the Saia Justa program, which had the participation of the singer Luísa Sonza, the famous opened her heart and said that she cried for a long time, missing her ex-boyfriend.

“Until I was 32, I cried a lot… For the Dhomini, I almost died! [risos]. I bought a ticket, I left after him. I almost died because of him. I cried for him everywhere… I would go to work and, if he were here, I would cry, I wouldn’t be able to do the show”, recalled the famous, who just debuted the reality show Desapegue Se For Capaz, on GNT.

The presenter’s confession left her co-stars shocked and ended up becoming a joke. “In this one, it’s worth that “I’ll take the loved one in three days“, enjoyed Luana Xavier.

Dohmini and Sabrina Sato had been together for about a year.

Sabrina commented on marriage crisis

Speaking of relationships, presenter Sabrina Sato also opened her heart during an interview with Pedro Bial on ‘Conversa com Bial’. The artist said that her marriage to Duda Nagle ended up in the ‘ICU’ amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I decided to go back to therapy. In the first session I already started to collapse, I started to cry. I asked myself: ‘what do I do, my marriage is in an ICU’. I came to her (the therapist) talking about separation. She calmed me down and said there was a solution for everything,” Sabrina said.

Amused, Sabrina took advantage of the intimacy with Bial to compare the marriage with a “BBB confinement” and revealed that her husband has an easier time being alone.

“Marriage is similar (with confinement). Especially with Duda (laughs). Duda is a Taurus. He’s having wi-fi, barbecue, he’s cool, not seeing anyonedays and days studying, watching videos, interviews… He is a 100 year old gentleman”, she joked.

Sabrina Sato also talked about her beginnings in TV and how important the presenter was to her career. “I was a girl. I joined reality, but I lacked relationships in my life. She was too pure, too naive. It was really nice to go out and be hugged by so many people., with so much affection. It wasn’t easy, but the BBB was very important in my life”, she recalled.

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