Samara Felippo vents and reveals that she tells lies about diet

The actress Samara Felippo participated in the program VivaBem Connection, from UOL, and spoke about various issues related to well-being. By revealing that she has already done some “fancy” diets during her life and being questioned by the presenter Mariana Ferrãothe famous said that she even lied when giving interviews on the subject.

“I won’t be able to remember everything, but I lied a lot in those magazine interviews,” she says, who said she had papaya and white cheese for breakfast, which was not true. “Lie, a big lie, was fooling me and fooling the public“, revealed.


In another moment, Samara, who has been working with her image since she was just 18 years old, reveals that she had a different view of herself and even cited the standards that were required of her. “I was inserted into a required standard and I was always asked to lose two kilos for a next production, it was always like this”, he said.

I felt like I had to lose weight because I really had to be outside of what they were asking for.. Nor did I question myself, nor did these matters boil over then as they are boiling up today. I felt obliged to be thin so as not to lose the role, not to miss the cover of the magazine”, she said, in a tone of relief.

The actress also says that she took medicine, in addition to doing difficult diets that made her get in a bad mood. She even lost 15 pounds. “It was very fast, I think in a month I lost what I wanted. The remedy has this short-term immediacy, but it does a lot of harm.“, said.

The effects of the medicine

In the sequence, Samara Felippo reveals that the slimming drugs had negative effects on her health and, because of that, she stopped taking them immediately. “It gave me a rebound from depression, a rebound from gaining weight like I’d never put on weight in my life, I had liposuction right after,” she continues.

At another point, Felippo says he has a much healthier relationship with food and uses ketogenic food. “I don’t call it a diet, it’s a lifestyle, I found myself in this place. My diet these days is basically fat, protein and the sugar from the vegetables and fruits themselves. I’m loving it, it changed my life,” she explains.

Finally, Samara explains that she usually fasts and eats only once a day. “As sugar is absent from my life, I cannot eat milk chocolate. The banana turned out sweet for me. Our taste buds are very adaptable. These new discoveries I had opened me up to a new world,” she concluded.

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