Sandman |  Which characters did not appear in the series?


Check out which characters don’t appear in the Netflix adaptation of Sandman, and which were modified from the comics for the series.

Although the comics sandmanby Neil Gaiman, have increasingly moved away from the superheroes of DC Comics, their first issues, adapted in this first season in Netflixincluded many characters from the DC Universe.

for the adaptation of sandman at Netflix function outside of the DC Extended Universe, these roles had to be removed or rewritten to make sense in a world where superheroes are simply fictional characters and not a reality.

Here, we have put together a list of all the characters in the DC Comics that have been removed or adapted for the series Netflix.

Read on, but beware of spoilers:

John Constantine

John Constantine’s absence may be the show’s biggest change, particularly since most of the other DC characters make small cameos, while Constantine was central to the storyline of Sandman #3.

On Netflix, he is replaced by Johanna Constantine, played by Jenna Coleman, who goes through the same story as John in the comics, with a few additional scenes.

Etrigan the Demon

In Sandman #4, Morpheus travels to Hell to retrieve his stolen helm. Upon arriving, he is greeted by Etrigan the Demon, a creation of Jack Kirby, who serves as his guide to Lucifer’s palace.

Etrigan the Demon does not appear in the Netflix series. Instead, Morpheus is guided through hell by a demon that Johanna Constantine exorcised from a human in the previous episode.

Doctor Fate

Although John Dee appears in the Netflix series, he does not appear in his super-villain persona as Doctor Doom. Doctor Doom is a Justice League villain who debuted in the 1960s and used his personal inventions to fight the League. One such invention was the Dream Stone which allowed him to manipulate dreams. The Sandman Comics modified this device to be Morpheus’ lost tool, which Dee tweaked until it worked just for him.

In Netflix’s Sandman, Dee never became a super-villain, but took the Dream Stone from his mother and used it to hurt people. He has been kept in a psychiatric hospital ever since.

The Scarecrow

After being defeated by the Justice League, John Dee was sent to Arkham Asylum (in the comics, not the series), where Batman’s villains go after being defeated by the Dark Knight. One of these villains appeared in the Sandman comics.

Jonathan Crane, the fear-obsessed villain known as Scarecrow, appeared talking to John Dee while they were both trapped in Arkham. Scarecrow even mentions the Joker, although the clown does not appear.

In the Netflix series, Dee only talks to her mother at the nursing home.

Mister Miracle

Mister Miracle, aka Scott Free, was recently the lead in his own critically acclaimed miniseries. In 1989, he was a member of the Justice League.

In Sandman #5, Scott Free is having a nightmare about his childhood growing up on Apokolips, the world of Darkseid, under Granny Goodness. Morpheus awakens him from the nightmare to ask what the League did with Doctor Doom’s ruby ​​after defeating him. Scott doesn’t know, but he knows someone he does.

Mars Hunter

Mister Miracle wakes up founding Justice League member Martian Manhunter to aid Morpheus in his quest, figuring that if anyone would know where the Dream Stone is, it would be him. J’onn sees Morpheus as the Martian god of dreams, and Morpheus is shocked to learn that a Martian still lives.

All elements related to Justice League were cut from the Netflix series.


In the DC Comics universe, Hector Hall was a superhero who went by several different names, including The Sandman. After he died, his consciousness was trapped in the Dream by some rogue nightmares.

In the Netflix adaptation, Hector Hall still appears in spectral form, but he was never a superhero. Instead, Rose Walker’s brother Jed dreams of becoming a superhero named the Sandman, his costume identical to the one worn by Hector in the comics.


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