Sarah Cause

Sarah Cause decided to provoke the followers on his Instagram and ended up attracting the attention of a specific audience: Santos Futebol Clube fans. That’s because, the model shared a sensual photo in which she appears wearing the shirt of the alvinegro team.

In the bold click, Sarah appears in the backyard, wearing her t-shirt and black panties. While posing for the photo, she ended up with part of her breasts completely exposed and impressed with its little marks.



“What is your team?”, wanted to know the influencer in the caption of the publication. Already in the comments, the fans and admirers of the muse were euphoric and left a lot of praise for her. His post already has more than 9,000 likes on Instagram.

“Most beautiful muse of Santos”said a boy. “The cutest with the sacred mantle, photo summary: PERFECT”wrote a fan. “That way I’ll have to root for Santos too, this woman is a spectacle”, commented an admirer.

Sarah Caus (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

caused controversy

And speaking of Sarah Caus, the influencer had her name involved in a controversyafter someone leaks her WhatsApp number as if she were a prostitute. The model came to be defamed on the web because of it.

“I was talking to my family and suddenly I had over a thousand messages from unknown people. All from men wanting to get to know me”she told the website Universa, from UOL.

Sarah confesses that she felt very scared when she came across the messages and tried to answer some people explaining that it was a joke in bad taste. Nonetheless, the boys didn’t seem to like the return and crossed the line.

“I know people talk about me. Because I like to expose myself, to dance and to wear little clothes. This does not bother me. But it was the first time I was slandered in this way, with such an absurd lie.” lamented.

According to the model, the number was accompanied by a message that said she was on a show “for R$ 1,200 + dinner”. “They created a value for me, placed conditions…”vented.

“My fear was that my family would know and believe. Such a comment shakes the structure of any family. Imagine if your mom gets a text saying you’re a call girl. And who prostitutes herself for a dinner?”said.

Because of this, to this day Sarah still receives inconvenient messages on the internet. However, she quickly deletes these comments: “There are a lot of comments that end up being offensive and I end up deleting it right away”confessed the muse in an interview with the channel Seductive Nerd.

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