SBT prepares a new “secret” program for Otaviano Costa

Hired in January Octaviano Costa will have a new program in SBT. The presenter, who returns to Silvio Santos’ channel in charge of the cooking reality show Cozinha se Puder, will have a new attraction still in development.

The news was confirmed by SBT this Thursday (6th), during the Cook se Puder press conference, in which the entertain was present. When questioned, the broadcaster’s advisor, Maisa Alves, revealed the new project.

New program on SBT

“It’s a surprise and it will take a while”, said Maisa when confirming a new program. She even apologized to artistic director Fernando Pelegio for advancing the news.

Good-natured, Octaviano said he didn’t know about this new project. “I mean I already accepted”he declared.

Otaviano Costa and the decision to accept reality

When talking about Cozinha se Puder, a cooking reality show that debuts this Saturday (07), Otaviano said that he brought his DNA as a communicator. “For me it is essential that I embark on projects that make sense for my way of being. The communicator has to be him 100%, regardless of the format”declared.

This format made a lot of sense to me.. I was able to exercise some suggestions that were worked on with four hands, even so that I could free myself more and not be completely in a cast, which would make no sense to me”said.

Octavian stated that it would not make sense for him to be plastered in the format. He also said that the program required your funniest side. This, in fact, was one of the reasons that provoked him to accept the attraction. “Imagine a presenter like me in a closed cubicle, artistically speaking. it wouldn’t make sensescored.

“This format required Octaviano to be open-hearted, fun, humorous, because the program is humorous. And that’s what really provoked me to enter reality.”he said.

The presenter explained that he accepted the project proposed by SBT when he realized that the culinary reality was different from all others ever made. He then got to work putting his way into the attraction.

“And it has the pulse of competition. So when I looked at all the gastronomic formats that we are used to, I said: ‘as a presenter, this one would make sense to present’. Then I came across, I boarded”said.

Discovery together with SBT understood that it was necessary for this DNA of mine as a communicator to also be present. The challenge was more to make this clear and we worked together to build this journey so that I could perform this presentation in my own way”said Octavian.

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