Sci-Fi blockbuster on TV today: $150 million miscalculation involving two megastars

Some films look like absolute mega hits on paper, only to fail at the box office. This is what happened to the sci-fi hit Passengers, which benefited not least from a big budget and several big stars. It didn’t help the balance sheet. This was partly due to a major problem in the story.

On TV: The sci-fi spectacle Passengers went down in the fire of criticism at the box office

Many people may notice this even with a short synopsis. The film revolves around Jim Preston (Chris Pratt), the engineer of a hypersleep spaceship, who is the only one who is woken up far too early. Instead of on the target planet, he now has to spend his life entirely on board. After a year of loneliness and suicidal thoughts, he falls in love with Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence), who is still asleep. and decides to wake her up as well. And you also block the way to the actual destination of the journey.

Check out the trailer for Passengers here:

Passengers – Trailer (German) HD


The film combines this essentially brutal approach with Pratt and Lawrence as a romantic duo. This amalgamation was heavily criticized before the theatrical release. TheTelegraph dubbed the sci-fi blockbuster”a chilling ode to manipulation“, the the “central act of violence” trivialize. ScreenCrush according to Passengers suggests that “consent means nothing” and “stalking romantic” be.

While it wasn’t the only point of criticism (via The Guardians ). The accusation of downplayed encroachment still did a lot of damage to the film at the box office. Two Hollywood stars in the leading roles, Morten Tyldum as the celebrated director and a bombastic production design couldn’t save the film.

With a budget of 150 million dollars, the internationally recorded 303 million were not a huge flop (via Box office mojo ). Still, the movie was far from great success. Perhaps those responsible should have let their idea sleep.

When will Passengers with Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence be on TV?

Passengers running this Thursday at 8:15 p.m. on Vox. If you don’t have time, you can catch up on the sci-fi blockbuster on June 25, 2022 at 10:25 p.m. It has a running time of 116 minutes without ads.

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