Sci-Fi insider tip on TV today: Little child is raised by robot and everything goes wrong

I Am Mother hit theaters three years ago. However, the US-Australian science fiction film was not able to generate too much attention. Big effects and epic battles are not waiting here. Instead, we’re dealing with one exciting chamber play to do that focuses on three characters.

  • Today on TV: I Am Mother airs tonight at 8:15 p.m. on RTL ZWEI. The repetition follows at 00:45 at night. Alternatively, you can currently stream the film on Netflix with a subscription.

Science fiction thriller: That’s what I Am Mother is all about

The most exciting thing about I Am Mother is the premise: The film’s action takes place after a devastating war in which the Humanity almost completely wiped out became. In a well-protected bunker, a new generation is to be bred – by a robot that goes by the name of mother.

This is to ensure that humanity does not make the same mistakes again. The new generation grows free from the mistakes of the old. But then one day a strange woman stands in front of the bunker and reports about one big conspiracy: Everything mother tells is a big lie.

You can watch the trailer for I Am Mother here:

I Am Mother – Trailer (German) HD


The question of truth is the central theme of I Am Mother: is the world that we get to know in the first few minutes of the film real or just a big staging? And which version of the story would be better/worse? Director Grant Sputore plays this in just under two hours Mind game in a confined space through.

I Am Mother is particularly worth seeing because of the acting performances. Hilary Swank appears as the strange woman who turns everything Clara Rugaard’s daughter thinks she knows upside down. The star of the film however, is Rose Byrne, of whom we only hear the voice. She voices the robot mother and causes some awkward moments with her controlled calm.

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