Scooby responds to alleged vote for Bolsonaro in 2018

the surfer Pedro Scoobya former BBB 2022 participant, went public for the first time about his political position, after being the subject of rumors on social media about his alleged support for the president Jair Bolsonaro.

The confusion arose after a photo went viral where Pedro appears enjoying Jair Bolsonaro’s victory in the 2018 elections with friends. In the image in question, Luana Piovani’s ex-husband even makes the famous “gun signal” popularized by the head of state.

In an interview with the newspaper Extra, Scooby confirmed the veracity of the photo, but denied having voted for the current president. According to the famous, he was traveling at the time of the elections and was just having fun with friends at the time.

“I was passing through at the time and stopped at the kiosk to see what was happening. I still lived there and had just returned from a trip. And I actually justified my votes in both rounds because I was out of the country,” she said.

Pedro continued stating that, despite not having voted for Bolsonaro, he was part of the team of Brazilians who I hoped the government would get it rightas he was thinking about the best for his country.

“I watched an interview where something was said that I very much agree with: there hasn’t been a perfect guy yet, but I’m going to try to support whoever is in the presidency because I’m rooting for Brazil. It was like that with Lula, it was like that with Dilma, it was like that with Bolsonaro. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out,” he commented.

During the BBB 22, Pedro Scooby was the target of numerous criticisms because of the image, even preventing him from having a crowd for the award. “Scooby is bolsonarista scrot*, doesn’t deserve public pity. Outside Pedro Scooby! It’s going to catch a wave out there!”, posted an internet user on Twitter.

Scooby talked about posture at BBB 22

One of the most beloved participants of the BBB 22, Pedro Scooby narrowly missed the final of the reality show. In an interview with Luciano Huck, he commented on the criticism he received throughout the show about his “anti-gaming” attitude among other competitive colleagues.

“Everything has its time and its time to happen. I don’t create expectations, I just accept. When I had the possibility to leave, I embraced that possibility thinking about the good things that would await me from outside”, said the ex-brother.

According to the surfer, his attitude is a reflection of a maturity he has acquired over the years. “I’m used to it, I learned to understand things that are not in my hand, in my domain. It’s a way I found not to get frustrated”, he assured.

“The most amazing thing that happened in all of this was the children’s response. They have a sincerity, if you didn’t like it, you really didn’t like it. And they came to me not because I went through the BBB, it’s because I somehow touched them,” she commented.

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