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Searches for the costumes for the 9 o’clock serial took off, especially on Brisa’s crochet blouse from the telenovela Travessia. In Glória Perez’s plot, the character of Lucy Alves is from Maranhão and immerses herself in the state’s culture. And since the young lady’s fans asked about her looks, we decided to help and show how it is possible to make the piece inspired by the protagonist of the Globo serial.

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How to crochet Brisa’s blouse from Travessia?

Breeze crochet from the soap opera crossing
Character Breeze, by actress Lucy Alves – photo: rede globo/reproduction

The first tip is how to make your own crochet crop top like the one Brisa used in the soap opera. The piece has a mandala on the chest, which is a symbol widely used by Hindus and Buddhists.

The step-by-step is from the Martica Atelie Designer channel, which teaches different content involving the craft technique. For the task, you need thread, needle No. 3, scissors, tape measure and tapestry needle.

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Crochet crop top with details

The channel Jô Ponto a Ponto also shows how to make the chochê piece with the mandala on the chest like Brisa from the soap opera Travessia. The artisan already shows at the beginning of the video how the result turned out and gives some tips on how you will guide yourself throughout the making.

Unlike the Martica Atelie Designer channel, Jô stitch to stitch uses a #2 needle for the task. In addition, the channel already gives you the correct measurements to make pieces that go from pp to gg.

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Breeze crochet colored crop top

Another cropped that characterizes Brisa’s wardrobe since the beginning of the soap opera is a colored crochet piece with a single front and adjustable fastening at the neck and back.

This step-by-step for making the piece is from the Ina Crochê Mania channel, which features a size p piece in the video, but teaches you how to make the cropped in any size.

Among the materials used, 8 skeins of different colors were used – orange, purple, light blue, red, flag green, light pink and white – needle nº 1.75, a 100% cotton knit fabric for the lining, tapestry needle and treasure for shots.

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For children’s audience

And it’s not just adults who like to be inspired by television characters, kids also like to reproduce the looks at home. That’s why there’s also a tip on how to make Breeze croppeds from the telenovela Travessia for children.

The Silvia Matos Crochê channel created a cropped model for children with a mandala on the chest. She used a ball of yarn, a 2mm needle and scissors.

In another video, Silvia also shows how to make Brisa’s colored crop top for children aged 3 to 5 years. Skeins of different colors, mesh for the lining, sewing needle, scissors, measuring tape and 1.75mm crochet hook were used.

In addition to Breeze’s croppeds

And for those who want to venture into the world of crochet, but aren’t a fan of croppeds like Brisa from the telenovela Travessia, there’s also a tip. Bianca Schultz’s Tricô e Crochê channel teaches you how to make a crochet blouse that you can already wear in the new year, which is just around the corner.

The piece mimics a T-shirt and is for those who prefer larger pieces that cover more parts of the body. Among the materials used, some white skeins, a 6mm crochet hook, a tapestry needle and baroque thread were needed.

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